Dental examination

Dental examination€13
Specialist examination€25
Consultant examination€50
Urgent care€15

Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Fissure sealing (per tooth)€13
Milk teeth extraction€7-12
Glass ionomer fillings€20
Other interventions are charged as for adults
Mind and motivation€9
Fluoridation of teeth (with spoons)€17
Fluoridation of teeth (2 appointments)€17

Conservative dentistry

Amalgam filling (black filling)

Composite filling on front teeth (white filling)€20
Single-surface composite filling (white filling)€20
Double-surface composite filling (white filling)€25
Triple-surface composite filling (white filling)€25
Composite bonding€60

Composite on pulpless tooth


Indirect pulp capping€10
Direct pulp capping€10
Endodontic treatment (per session):
Single canal tooth€17
Two canal tooth€25
Three canal tooth€30
Machine instrument treatment per canal €25

Application of pulp devitalizing agent €10


Immediate denture€250
Complete acrylic denture€250
Partial acrylic denture€200
Partial skeletal dentures€450
Attachment implant (pair)€100
Implanting logan post€40
Composite implanting with fiberglass post€40
Solo metal-ceramic crown€110-130
Metal-ceramic crown (in bridge)€100-120
Non-metal crown€200-250
Protective temporary crown€5
Lab-made temporary crown €30
Old crown removal €5
Denture repair €20
Clasp and tooth repair€20
Direct denture relining€25
Indirect denture relining€50
Casting €50
Countersink metal-ceramic crown€130
Metal-ceramic crown on implant€250-350
Composite veneer€150
Ceramic veneer€200
Ceramic edge€10
Bridge cementing€15
Ceramics repair€20
Splint for bruxism€60