All on 4 is a modern concept that allows fixed prosthetic work (bridge) even to the patients with an extensive bone loss. 

In only one day, the patient receives four implants and a temporary bridge firmly fixed on them.

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Whether you have come to the office without teeth, with old, unstable prostheses, or broken teeth, you go out within the same day with fixed teeth and a new smile.

What are the benefits of All on 4 concept

Reduction of costs

Other forms of reconstruction of the edentulous jaws involve the installation of 6-8 implants, often associated with procedures for raising the sinus base (sinus lift) and the installation of the articular bone, which, in total, makes a significantly higher price.

Reducing the time and number of interventions

It is common to impregnate the implants after the installation by mucous membrane, and after the completion of the osteointegration (3 to 4 months) they are opened, the components for the formation of the gums (healing abutments) are placed, and the prints are still waiting. All on four will overwhelm all of these stages and will allow you to get a temporary bridge on the same day.

Expert team

Our specialists in oral surgery and dental prosthetics are certified experts in this field. They were trained at the Malo Clinic of Professor Malo, the inventor of the concept.


Recovery is fast, so your life is back to routine fast as well. 

All on 4 - price

The surgical part of this concept includes:

  • installation of implants
  • installation of all connecting elements that connect temporary prosthetic work and placed implants
  • making temporary prosthetic work
  • all following check-ups

Payment of the SURGERY is the same day when the implants are installed.

After 3-4 months, a definite prosthetic rehabilitation of the patient starts, which lasts for an average of ten days and costs depends on the choice of material, i.e. what kind of basis for future teeth a patient wants and whether they want composite or ceramic teeth.

Payment of the PROSTHETIC part is made on the day of definitive work submission.

All on 4 - the experience of our patients

I would like to thank Panakeia dental office for a successful implant intervention. I had an enormous fear that this intervention would hurt me very much. Now, a month after the intervention, I can say that I am surprised by the absolute absence of pain during and after the intervention. Frankly, I can recommend it to anyone in need of such an intervention to come to the Panakeia dental office without any fear, with much confidence.

Dragoljub Glišić, Frankfurt

I had major problems with teeth in the lower jaw, especially after neck surgery and postoperative radiation treatment. For the rehabilitation of this problem, I decided to go to the Panakeia dental office. It was necessary to remove all teeth from the lower jaw. Experts from Panakeia suggested me the denture of All on 4. In just 2 days all teeth were removed from my lower jaw, implants were implanted, and a temporary fixed prosthesis was installed which was excellent for me in the next 3 months. After that, I installed a fixed permanent prosthesis that I am extremely satisfied with. I feel a new prosthesis as my own teeth. All employees in the office stayed in my very good memory thanks to their professionalism and politeness.

Nenad Pantić, Jagodina

I did not believe that a problem like mine can be resolved in one day. My teeth were swollen, I felt pain, I could not eat, and aesthetically they were far from satisfactory. From my colleague I heard about the Panakeia Dental Practice and the solution they offer. I came in the morning, frightened, and in the afternoon I came out with a beautiful smile and no pain! I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with teeth or clingy prostheses to come to Panakeia and receive nice and solid teeth which will last forever.

Olga Tilger

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