Orthopedics of jaw or orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of an improper position of teeth and jaw, and as the result, it establishes the harmony of the face as a whole. Teeth in the wrong place or wrong teeth disturb aesthetics and affect the health of the oral cavity. 

Orthodontic therapy is most often performed in children or adolescents, but it is possible at any age - there is no age limit. 

Before starting orthodontic therapy, a comprehensive analysis of the problem is necessary, as diagnostics and analysis are the most important part of the therapy. It involves making gypsummodels, taking pictures and analyzing images. Based on the results, an individual treatment plan is chosen, unique for each patient.

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The basic forms of orthodontic therapy are:

  • Therapy with fixed apparatus (fixed prosthesis)
  • Foils
  • Mobile appliances

Therapy with fixed apparatus (fixed prosthesis)

Today it is the golden standard of modern orthodontics. It consists of braces through which the wired arch passes and actually corrects the teeth. There are several types of fixed appliances, and patients usually make them white and metal. White or aesthetic appliances make transparent or white braces, they are less noticeable, and are easier for the patients. Standard appliances are metal structures that give better results at the end.

The therapy with a fixed appliance lasts approximately 18-24 months, and the control check-ups are scheduled in 3-6 weeks.

For a good result, it is of utmost importance that the appliance and teeth are properly maintained. Healthy teeth and gums contribute to the durability and quality of the results achieved.

Upon completion of the therapy, when both the patient and the orthodontist are satisfied with the results, the fixed apparatus is removed and a retention period occurs, in which the bone is recovering from the changes, and the teeth need to be kept in the achieved position. Retention film is a silicone appliance similar to a tooth guard, worn at night and as much as possible during the day. In some cases, it is recommended to glue a very thin wire from the inside of the tooth, which prevents unwanted tooth movement. You can see the prices of fixed dentures on our website price list.

Mobile appliances (prostheses for children)

The success of the orthodontic therapy, in which a mobile appliance is used, depends on the discipline of the patient in respect of the instructions and the regular wearing of the apparatus. They are extremely efficient because they can also move jaws and teeth. They are often prescribed in the first phase of orthodontic treatment until the permanent teeth emerge, when the therapy is continued with the fixed apparatus. It is necessary to wear them daily for a minimum of 8 hours, and if they have a screw, the patient must turn it regularly, so that the tooth's arch widens and the teeth move. It is also necessary to maintain them well and keep dry, so that they do not have a stone on them. At the request of our small patients, we can make them in spattered colors to be cool. Prices for mobile prostheses can be found on our website price list.


Dental correction foils are a more comfortable alternative to fixed appliances for easier cases of improper teeth positioning. They are virtually invisible, they are significantly more comfortable 22-24 hours a day. When eating, they are removed and washed with brush, as well as teeth, after each meal.

The foils are designed and manufactured by computer, based on prints, and most often a set of at least three foils is needed, and the harder the case, the more are needed. They gently move the teeth, and once one completes their part of the therapy, the following is needed. The software simulates the movement of the teeth and divides it into the number of necessary foils, each of which moves the tooth by 0.25-0.30mm. However, foils cannot help in all cases, it is necessary to leave the assessment to the orthodontist.

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