The best solution when missing one or more teeth is – a dental implant. Implants are embedded in the jawbone, take over the role of the tooth root, and then access prosthetic care, with made crowns, bridges or prostheses on the implants. 

In the last 50 years, implantology has undergone great technological advances, so today there is literally no unsolvable problem, i.e. a patient who cannot receive implants. 

An increasing number of patients who decide to install dental implants because they also avoid grinding healthy surrounding teeth, and in places where it was previously impossible to make crowns or bridge, they now receive a fixed work that will provide them with the most natural feel of natural teeth. 

We offer you a quality and fast service, it is only for you to contact us, schedule a check-up and let us give you a smile in which you will fully enjoy.

Dental implantology provides solutions for all forms of edema, from the lack of one tooth, through partial numbness to the restoration of total edema. In some cases it is about quick and simple therapy, while on the other hand, there are cases that require multidisciplinary treatment for several months. 

The disadvantage of one or more teeth missing is most often solved by implanting or bridge construction. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. Bridge construction is faster and cheaper, but the biological price is high, as healthy tooth tissue is destroyed, and teeth caries are often overburdened. Implants cost more, but protect teeth exactly from grinding and overloading. Dental implants replace the missing teeth root and form the basis for prosthetic repair that connects them (crown, bridge, denture). In the last 50 years, implantology has undergone great technological advances, so today there is virtually no unsolvable problem, i.e. a jaw which cannot be implanted.

Detailed examination before implanting

Implant placement is preceded by a very detailed patient overview and 3D image analysis. In the Panakeia Dental Practice, a review for implant therapy is performed by a consilium composed of an oral surgeon, a dental prosthetist and a specialist in periodontology. In doing so, we decide which procedures will be applied in each case.

  • One tooth replacement
  • Compensation of more teeth
  • Compensation of all teeth in the jaw
  • Sinus lift
  • Bone Augmentation
  • All on 4

The process of installation itself is painless and is performed in local anesthesia, with a very slow postoperative course. Today's implants are made of titanium, which means they are biocompatible and practically do not have contra-indications for older than 18 years. The patient's cooperation is crucial for the duration of implants, because oral hygiene is extremely important. Namely, the creation of plaque around the implant stimulates the formation of stones that leads to inflammation of the gums around the implant (periimplantitis). Extreme cases can result in loss of implants. In order to avoid such situations, regular controls must not be forgotten.

Installation of implants requires a high level of education, a dental team and technicians, as well as a technologically equipped office. That's why the Panakeia Dental Practice is the right choice for you.

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