Make the best out of your stay in Belgrade. Give your smile a makeover!

If you are a resident of a country with pricey dental services, we recommend that you join health with pleasure and spend your holidays in Belgrade, where beside having a good time you can get any dental treatment that you need for a price that is more than reasonable.

Dental check-up and consulting with the top of the class dentists.

We practice the latest in dental procedures. All of our employees regularly attend educational seminaries and with their skill and knowledge are more than capable to keep up with their fellow from E.U. or anywhere else in the world . If you plan on visiting Belgrade, feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone and inform us of your problem and needs. You can send us your dental X-rays (panoramic, periapical …) by mail or e-mail. Our team will analyze them and present you with a plan for your therapy - detailed description of all procedures, the time it would take to complete full rehabilitation of your oral cavity, the number of visits needed to our office and our fees. If you are already in the Belgrade, call us up and make an appointment for your free-of-charge dental check up.

Your stay in Belgrade.

We can assist you in organizing your stay in Belgrade. If it soothes you we’ll make you a reservation in a hotel or hostel or arrange for someone to meet you at the airport, bus or railway station. In between your visits to our office you will have plenty of time to enjoy all the things that Belgrade and Serbia have to offer.

Go back home fully satisfied and please do keep in touch.

With some procedures it is necessary for a patient to came back to Belgrade for a follow up. We are here to see you all the way through your treatment including making arrangements for your next visit to Belgrade and our office. Even if this is not the case with you, we are always more than willing to advise you and answer all your questions.

European materials and equipement. Prices up to 70% lower.

All of our materials and equipment in our practice come from the E.U. Both with equipment and expertise we go neck to neck with the best dentists in the world. The economic situation in our country has reflected on the prices of medical services, which in our case results with prices up to 70% lower compared to ones in Germany, UK, Austria…

Posibility of a refund when you go back home.

To all foreign citizens or persons who live abroad we will issue a receipt that will enable them to refund expenses with their health insurance Co.

Do you need a dentist?

Call us and make an appointment.

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