Oral surgery

An area of dentistry that deals with surgical treatment and treatment of hard and soft tissue of the oral cavity is called oral surgery.

The very word”surgery” causes fear and repulsion in many patients.However, with the serious approach of our expert team, with adequate anesthesia and given instructions that patients will follow during postoperative recovery, fear and discomfort will be reduced to a minimum.

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Oral surgical interventions are performed in local anesthesia, they are completely painless, and we will make every effort to make them as pleasant as possible and with as little discomfort as possible.

oralna hirurgija

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Oralna hirurgija obuhvata širok spektar usluga koje su veoma bitne u svakodnevnoj stomatološkoj praksi. Intervencije koje se najčešće izvode u ordinaciji Panakeia su:

Oral surgery includes a wide range of services that are very important in everyday dental practice. Interventions most commonly performed in Panakeia are:

  • Wisdom tooth operation
  • Apicoectomy (resection of the tip of the tooth root)
  • Frenuloectomy
  • Extraction of the teeth (extraction of the root of the teeth)
  • Cystectomy (jaw clean)
  • Bone Augmentation (artificial bone, bone repair)
  • Sinus lift (elevation of the sinus base)
  • Gingivectomy with gingivoplasty (extension of the clinical tooth crown).

Wisdom tooth operation

The wisdom teethappearsome time after all the other teeth, so they sometimes get out of space. Then they can put pressure on other teeth and lead to their movement, which is the most common cause of their extraction. Another reason for their removal is inaccessibility, which makes cleaning difficult, and the surrounding tissues (pericoronitis) or caries develop. The third reason may be their partial growth, which causes food to begin to be stuck between the wisdom teeth and the gums, which also leads to inflammation. The wisdom teeth can be in different positions, which determines the severity of the intervention.

Apicoectomy (resection of the tip of the tooth root)

Oral surgical intervention removing the tip of the tooth root and the surrounding pathologically altered bone, caused by the infection. It is often necessary to perform a complete endodontic treatment before surgery, or remove the infection from the root canal. Apicoectomy is a short-term procedure that gives good results. It implies an accessible cut at the height of the projection of the tip of the root of the tooth, after which the special borers reach the space around the top of the root when it is removed as well as the affected bone around it.